Sweetheart heart

In this lesson we will apply such an interesting effect.

Materials for the lesson:

The author found just such a photo. We will work with her.

The idea of ​​all this is to try to make the heart in your hand more expressive. To do this, first copy our image to a new layer.

Now you need to select the heart itself. I used the tool “Magic wand” (Magic wand), but you can use any other selection tool.

Here, for example, the heart selected by the tool “Quick mask” (Quick mask).

Exit quick mask mode. Invert the selection and copy it to a new layer.

Adjust slightly “Color Balance” (Color balance):

Download brushes with interesting curls from the archive, choose to your liking, and draw something like this on your heart:

The drawing must be on a new layer. Look as shown in the screenshot on the right:

Apply the following styles to this layer:
Layer Style – Shadow:

Layer Style – Gloss:

This is what should happen:

Create a layer under the patterned layer and draw it like this:

Change the fill opacity Fill up to 0% in “Blanding options” layer style.

Now turn off the layers with pictures, and create a new layer on top of all. Draw a few points with a brush .

Apply the following styles.

Layer Style – Inner Shadow:

Layer Style – Bevel / Relief:

Layer Style – Outer Glow:

Layer Style – Inner Shadow:

We include layers and this is what we get:

Now you need to give your heart a more red color. Take a brush with the desired color, set the brush pressure on one% and walk through the heart.

Merge all layers. And at the end of our work, let’s color the overall picture using “Color Balance” (Color balance):

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