Tears on face

In this lesson we will learn to draw realistic tears.
First you have to find a good photo for work. You can try to find a photo on the Internet, take your own, and you can also use a photo from this lesson.

Open your image. Then select the tool Pen tool (pen) and (in the layer-shape mode) try to draw a shape that looks like a tear in black.

Please note that the shape should be uneven and similar to real tears.

After you have made the form, change blending mode on Lighten (Screen) and apply the following layer styles:

Drop Shadow (Shadow)

Inner Shadow (Internalshadow)

Inner Glow (Internalglow)

Bevel and Emboss (Stamping)

Gradient Overlay (Overlaygradient)

The result should be as follows:

It looks good, but not so realistic. You need to add highlights to this form. Choose a tool Pencil Tool (Pencil) and brush about 1px in size, and then make a few dots in white on a new layer, like the image below.

Then apply the tool Blur tool (Blur) for the current layer.

We got a pretty realistic result, right? Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will have your own interesting effects!

Author: photoshopstar

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