The effect of movement in a new way

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you a completely new way to create the effect of speed.

The already hackneyed Motion Blur filter will not be used here. This effect is something new and interesting.

Thanks to this method, the blur is not blurred, but consisting of individual frames.

So let’s get started …

Find a photo with an athlete, to which you want to add the effect of speed.

Separate the athlete from the background. You can create a selection in any way you can; the most convenient one here is a quick mask.

When the selection is ready, click Ctrl + J, To copy a selection to a new layer (If you have a background copied instead of an object, then you need to invert the selection, press Shift + Ctrl + I)

Go to the bottom layer and click on (create a new layer).
Fill the new layer with white.

Next, go to the menu Editing – Define a brush (Edit – Define brush preset). Give the name. Click OK.

Duplicate the top layer with the athlete. Stay on the top layer.

Find in the toolbar .

Go to the settings of this tool and set the following:

From the list of brushes choose “athlete”, mode – normal, strength = thirty%

On the same panel, just a little to the right, we find the following button. , click and go to the brush editing palette.

Here you need to remove all the checkboxes. Enter the option Brush shape (Brush Tip Shape) and uncheck the box next to the setting. Interval (Spacing).

Now standing on the top layer, move on the document. Do you have the same?

Connect the lines, hold down the left mouse button, lead to the left with medium speed. It turns out like this:

The whole effect depends on the speed with which you will lead the hand. Try different options, and you yourself will catch this movement.

Take the eraser and erase the smeared layer on the right side.

Standing on a smeared layer, click Ctrl + T, right-click, select the command Deformation (Wrap)

Just collect the nodules on the left side, so that the effect of perspective appears.

This is the result:

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