Turning summer into winter in Photoshop

The task of the lesson: This tutorial will show you how to add realistic snow to your photo. We will use an image of a house in sunny green surroundings to apply our snow effect. So, let’s begin.

Final result:

Step 1. This image will be used to add a snow effect.

Step 2. The image size is 12×8 inches (inch) and the resolution is 100. Adjust the color of the image. Go to menu Image> Adjustment> Hue / Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation) and reduce Saturation (Saturation) and Lightness (Brightness).

Step 3. Double click on the layer and select in BlendingOption (Overlay Settings) AddGradientLayer (Gradient overlay) with the following settings: BlendMode (Blend Mode) – Softlight (Soft light), Opacity (Transparency) 50%, Style (Style) – Linear (Linear); Angle (Angle) – 90, Scale (Scaling) 100%.

Step 4. Using the tool Pentool (Pen) highlight the marked area (marked with yellow lines in the image below):

Step 5. This image shows you the outline:

Step 6. Right-click on the outline settings and select MakeSelection (Create selection).

Step 7. Enter Feather Radius 1 px.

Step 8. Now create a new layer and fill the selected area with white.

Step 9. Call the menu Brushtool (Brushes), select a spatter brush of 27 pixels per Brushgallery (Gallery of brushes) and activate Scatteringoption (Scatter Parameters) (see image below):

Step 10. Brush size – 25

Step 11. Use the tool Brushtool (Brush) is white and paint the edges as shown in the image below:

Step 12. Apply the same steps to the other side.

Step 13. Add some brushstrokes to walls, windows and trees:

Step 14. Highlight the grass and fill it with white.

Step 15. Finish the edges with the tool Brushtool (Brush):

Step 16. Then go to the menu Layer> Newadjustmentlayer> Gradient (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient):

Step 17. Enter these values:

Step 18. Now create another new layer and fill it with black.

Step 19. Then go to the menu Filter> Sketch> Graphicpen (Filter> Sketch> Mascara)

Step 20. Apply these values.

Step 21 Now install Blendingmode (Blending options) on Screen (Lightening) and Fill (Fill) by 80%. Then go to the menu Filter> Blur> MotionBlur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur).

Step 22 Apply the following settings:

Step 23 Here is the final image.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Successes!

Author: suresh

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