Tv effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a texture with a TV screen effect and apply it on any image.

Create a document of size 1×2 pixel with transparent background.
Zoom to 1600%

Now let’s start drawing the texture.
Select the tool – a pencil in the size of 1 pixel.
Paint 1 lower square in black.

A piece of texture we have ready. Need to define it.

Select the command in the main menu Edit> Define Pattern (Editing – Define Texture)
Give the name of your texture “TV screen” and click OK

Fine! You learned how to define texture!

And now you can apply this texture to any image using the following instructions.

Open the picture you are going to fill with the TV texture and create a new layer.

On the menu Edit (Edit) select the command Fill (Fill)
There set the following settings:

Where is it written “Custom pattern“click on the arrow and select the TV texture image there.

Click OK and that’s it!

Useful tips:

To make the effect of TV strips look even more interesting, you can play with the settings of styles and transparency.

Reduce transparency, add styles and see what you get!

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