Unusual effect using channels in Photoshop

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to convert an image into a layer mask using the channels in Photoshop. Using these techniques, you will learn how to create interesting effects without spending much time on it!

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop. On the new layer write the desired text. Use different colors for words and letters.

Step 2

Add to the text layer layer mask (layer mask).

Step 3

Let’s get to work with the photo.

For this lesson, I use a photo of a guy with angel wings. Of course, you can choose any other image, for example, a beautiful grunge texture.

Open the photo in a new document. Then just copy the image.

Translator’s note: to copy an image, you can use this way: stand at the image and press the key combination Ctrl + A (to select a photo) – then use the key combination Ctrl + C (to copy a photo).

Return to the working document with the text, stand on the text layer and go to the tab Channels (Channels Tab). Select the bottom layer on the tab named “Mask” (marked Ctrl + \).

Standing on this layer, press the key combination Ctrl + V, in order to insert the selected photo into the channel.

While the selection of the inserted photo has not yet been removed, activate the tool Transform (Ctrl + T) and convert the image (scale, rotate, or do what you see fit).

Step 4

Return to the tab Layers (Layers Tab). As you can see, we got a black and white image inside the letters.

Step 5

Get on the layer mask and press the key combination Ctrl + I, in order to invert the vector mask (layer mask \ layer mask).

In order to get a more interesting effect, you can additionally use adjustment layers (adjsutments layers). For my work I use a correction layer. Brightness \ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast).

I hope you enjoyed my lesson!

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