Vivifying paint

Imagine this: in black and white coloring a thick layer of paint flows down, with all the colors on the right place, and you get a very beautiful picture.

I tried to describe this effect in words, and now let’s make it in Photoshop.

Open any photo.

Duplicate the image layer. Hide the top layer. Go to the bottom.

Apply Filter – Stylization – Edge Glow (Filter – Stylize – Glowing Edges).

Click Ctrl + I, to invert colors.

Apply Levels (Levels), for this click Ctrl + L.

Black and white sliders pull towards each other so that the background is clear of noise, and the lines become clearer and brighter.

You can stop at this step, and you can translate the image in black and white. To do this, simply click on Shift + Ctrl + U (discolor).

Open the top layer and take the Lasso tool. .
Draw the semblance of flowing paint:

Next, circle the top of the image with the tool beyond the frame and loop around the contour.

It turns out like this:

With the active selection go to the layers palette and click on the “Add layer mask” button:

After you click next to the layer, a black and white window will appear.

Now, with the help of a black or white brush, you can correct your future drops, make them shorter or longer, more or less, paint on new ones or remove already drawn ones …

I add a white brush, I erase it with a black brush.

You can add additional droplets:

Ctrl + click on the window with the mask in the layers palette. A selection will appear.

Create a new layer and fill this selection with any color.

Ctrl + D, remove selection.

Go to the layer styles and select the “Emboss” style:

Set the droplets volume, you can set about the same settings:

This is what happens:

Go to the layers palette, there we find the parameter Fill (Fill), decrease to 0:

Look at what effect we have: paint fills black and white drawing. The red color evaporated, but the styles applied to it remained!

Now the question arises: “How to leave the effect of volume only on the drops?”

We need to remove the volume here:

Go back to the Layers palette and click on the icon. or by the word “Effects”. Select the command “Create layers”.

Two layers will appear: one responsible for the shadows, the other for the light.

We take Lasso and select the place where the volume needs to be removed.

You can right-click, select Feather, set 5 px, so that the volume is removed smoothly.

With the active selection go to Shadows, press Delete, then to Light, press Delete.

Here is a picture:

Try to apply the same effect on your photos. I’m sure you will get better and more interesting!

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