Water jet from Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to draw a realistic tap water stream using a successful combination of several Photoshop filters and the Free Transform tool.

This lesson is suitable for users of Photoshop CS2, CS3 …

So let’s get started. Create a document of size 500×500 px

Press the letter “D” to set the colors in the palette as black and white.

Create a new layer and go to the menu. Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter-> Render-> Clouds)

Further Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur). Set the radius: 6

Further Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter-> Blur-> Motion Blur). Angle / Angle: 90, Distance / Distance: 80

Now go to Image – Image Size (Image-> Image Size)

Set the width / width: 300 px (uncheck the box next to “Conserve proportions” / “Constrain Proportions”) click OK.

Your document should take this form: 300 in width, 500 in height.

We continue to apply filters.

Filter – Imitation – Cellophane packaging (Filter-> Artistic-> Plastic Wrap)

/ Highlight Strength = 15,
/ Detail = ten,
Softening/ Smoothness = ten

Another filter:

Filter – Sketch – Chrome (Filter-> Sketch-> Chrome)
Detailing/ Detail = 0,
Softening/ Smoothness = eight

Go to Editing – Loosen chrome (Edit-> Fade Chrome)

Set Opacity = 100%, Mode (Mode): Hard Light (Hard Light)

Go to parameter again Image size (Image-> Image Size)

Set only the height to 800 px, the proportions do not save.

Now go Editing – Transformation – Deformation (Edit-> Transform-> Warp)

Move the knots to the left and right, around you, bend down and up, play with them until you get a real stream of water.

Now go to the background layer and add a bluish gradient, then go back to the jet layer and change the mode to Hard light (Hard Light)

See how naturally we did it!

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