Water surface

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a natural water surface with just two filters.

Step. one

To begin, open a new file (Ctrl + N). You can choose the file size you want (which I chose 400 * 150).

Step. 2

Open a new layer and apply to it. Filter> Rendering> Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds).

Remember that black and white should be selected in the color picker.

Step. 3

Select Filter> Distortion> Glass (Filter> Distort> Glass).
In the parameters, apply the following data:

Distortion 20 Distortion: 20
Smoothing 6 Smoothness: 6
Texture: Rime Texture: Frosted
Scale: 69% Scaling: 69%
Do not select Invert / Invert

And click OK to apply.

Step. four

Select Image> Correction> Color balance (Image> Adjustments> Color Balance). Choose colors suitable for water and click OK to apply.

Step. five

For the next step, select Editing> Transforming> Perspective (Edit> Transform> Perspective).
A selection will appear around the drawing, take one of the lower corners and pull it away from your image, this should tip the drawing. Once you find a good position, press Enter!

So you got a real water surface!

Author: catalystgfx

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