We draw light in Photoshop

To create this effect, the author was inspired by photographs made in the technique of light graffiti. In this tutorial, the author will show an easy and fast way to get a similar effect in Photoshop.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Create a new document and place a photo that you can take in the archive.

Step 2. Then the author placed the second photo to create light effects.

Step 3. Tool Pen tool (P) (Pen) and create a path for one of the figures. As shown in the screenshot:

Step 4. Choose BrushTool (B) , (Brush), open the brush palette or click Ffive and start creating our brush. Choose a brush diameter of 8 px and set the values ​​as shown below. The color of the brush is white.

Step 5. In the layers palette, create a new folder, name it “Light”. Folder Blend Mode Change to Color dodge(Lightening the basics). After that, create a new layer inside this folder, name it “Man”, and select it.

Step 6. Now go to PathPalette (Path) and mark the first “path”. Then with PathSelectionTool (Outline selection) (A) select the “path” and click the right mouse button.
In the menu that appears, select StrokePath (Outline stroke). A dialog box opens, select in it ATrush (Brush) and tick Simulatepressure (Simulate pressure).
After that go to Filter> Blur> GaussianBlur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and set the value to 1.6 px.

Step 7. Duplicate the human layer 3 times.

Step 8. Choose RectangleTool(U) (Rectangle tool) and create a rectangle. Then duplicate it several times.

After this, we align and evenly distribute all the rectangles.

Step 9. Create a new layer above the layers. Rename it to “xing”. Repeat Step 6 – Strokethepaths (Outline stroke). Being on the “xing” layer, use the command Edit>Transform>Distort (Edit > Transform > Distortion).
Now we move the vertices until the perspective of the rectangles coincides with the perspective of the street.

This is probably the easiest way to create this kind of light effect, but much depends on the background color. If the background is too dark, the blend mode will not work. You may have to use a different one with the Outer Glow.

You can make the light brighter by simply duplicating the layers. You can even use the Eraser Tool (E) (Eraser) to make some adjustments. The original image of the idea of ​​this lesson can be found here:

The final result of the lesson is below.

Author: Fabio

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