We look through the monitor

In this lesson you will learn how to make the effect of the transparency of the screen of your monitor.

Step 1

First of all, you should take two photos of your computer. Move the monitor away and take the first shot. Now put the monitor in place and take another picture with the monitor. If you have a tripod for a camera, it is better to use it for shooting.

Step 2

Now open both snapshots and place the snapshot without a monitor above the snapshot with the monitor.
Ctrl +]move layer up
Ctrl + [ move down

Step 3

Make a layer with a photo without a monitor invisible by clicking on the image of the eye in the layers panel. Select a picture with the monitor and with the tool Pen tool (Pen) outline the contour of the monitor screen.

Step 4

After you draw the outline of the monitor screen, click (Ctrl +Enter) to create a selected area. Switch to a layer with a photo without a monitor, without removing the selection, and copy the selection to a new layer by clicking (Ctrl +J)

Step 5

Apply the following styles for the screen layer:
Inner Shadow, Shadow, Gradient Overlay, Color Overlay

Step 6

You should get this result:

Step 7

Now you can delete a layer with a photo without a monitor. We don’t need her anymore. Here’s how it should look that you left:


You can continue to work with the resulting image, for example, add a highlight. The effect will win!

Link to the source of the lesson

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