We make an illustration for a comic book in Photoshop

The original size of this work was 1500 by 2000. The size of the illustrations was reduced. I recommend that you use a large canvas for this lesson (1024 by 768 or more), because in step 3 (rain) it is better to work on a large scale. If you wish, you can crop the image later.

Step 1. Let’s start with the discoloration of the image, if it is in color. Move on Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Adjustment – Desaturation). Then adjust the levels. Let’s go Image – Correction – Levels (Image- Adjustment- Levels). Adjust them to look like the image below. I used these values:

Note: When working on large images, you may not get the desired result by adjusting the levels. To fix this, use a filter. Go to Filter – Imitation – Applique (Filter – Artistic – Cutout). Put the number of levels 2 or 3, play with the simplicity of the edges and the clarity of the edges, until you get a good result. Here are the settings that I used:

Step 2. Now we give a man a weapon. I chose a cannon, but you can work with knives, daggers or crowbars … anything you want.

Bleach the image. Let’s go Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Adjustment – Desaturation). We use the same principle as in step 1, and work with the levels until we get the look of comics. This layer is called the “gun”.

Select overlay for the gun layer Linear dimmer (Linear Burn).

Now comes the hard part: rain.

Step 3. Create a new layer, let’s call it “rain 1”, place it above the “cannon”. Let’s go on Editing – Run Fill (Edit – Fill) and use 50% gray. Now go Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise). The amount is 400%. Settings: Gaussian distribution, monochrome.
Further Filter – Blur – Blur in motion (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur). The angle is 90 and the offset is 999 pixels.

Note: if you use a large canvas, you must use Motion blur (Motion Blur) over and over (Ctrl + F) until you get straight lines. As soon as everything turned out, go Editing – Transform – Tilt (Edit – Transform – Skew). We tilt the upper right and lower left corners, as shown …

Set the blending mode Bright light (Vivid Liqht) and go Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustments – Levels). Adjust the levels to get something like this image:

Step 4. Repeat step 3. Only this time the name of the layer is “rain 2” and make the rain slant a little less.

Step 5. Create a new layer. It should be below the rain layers. We use the tool Brush , to paint the background between a man and a weapon black. Name the layer black. Unfortunately, hair is not so visible.

To show the hair, create layer mask on the “black” by clicking the icon Add layer mask (at the bottom of the layers palette). We use the tool Gradient (from black to white or light gray) to get the result as in the picture:

Step 6. Now let’s add a cloud (a balloon is called a dialogue, which is represented by words enclosed in a closed line that moves away from the mouth or head of the talking character).
To do this, select the tool Oval area (Elliptical marquee tool) and on the new layer draw an ellipse. Now take the tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal lasso) and, while holding Shift, draw a triangle coming out of the oval, like this:

Now fill it up. Let’s go Editing – Run Fill … (Edit – Fill). Use white. If you want to add a stroke, Editing – perform a stroke (Edit- Stroke).
To complete the work it remains to add a “killer” dialogue.

Author: sulfar

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