We turn day to night

In this tutorial, we will learn how to transform a daily snapshot into a night one, and we will also add some effects, including the rain effect.

Step 1

So, open our original photo, we must select the gate to separate them from the main background. Click Ctrl + J, to duplicate the layer. Let’s call it “Gates”. Now, with the tool Magnetic Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), select the gate.

Step 2

Pressing Alt and clicking on areas not related to the gate, we derive them from the selection.
Then add a mask for our layer. Set the layer blending mode to – Linear dimmer (Linear burn)

Step 3

Duplicate the background layer again and rename it to “Lighting”

Step 4

Making the “Lighting” layer active, select Filter – Rendering – Light Effects (Filter – Render – Lighting Effects)
Select the style – “three down” and place the rays, as shown in the figure.

Step 5

Open the photo with the birds and drag it onto our composition below the “Lighting” layer, let’s name the “Birds” layer.

Step 6

Select the “Lighting” layer using the tool. Magnetic Lasso select the house. Add a layer mask.

Step 7

Duplicate the background layer and drag it under the “Gate” layer. Set the blending mode for this layer – Overlap (Overlay) and rename the layer to “House Overlap”

Step 8

Click Ctrl + L, to bring up the level setting window, and set the following parameters:

Step 9

Press Ctrl + Uand set the color tone / saturation parameters:

Step 10

Make the Birds layer active and select the tool Sponge. Set the saturation reduction mode, press 100% and process the areas shown in the figure.

Step 11

Choose a tool Dimmer , range – shadows, exposure – 50%. Let’s process light places.

Step 12

Select the “Lighting” layer, click Ctrl + Shift + U, to discolor it.

Step 13

Let’s create a new stand – “Fog”, right above the “House Overlap” layer

Step 14

Click D to reset colors to standard. Press Alt + Backspace and fill the layer with background color. Go to the menu Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Clouds). Press Ctrl + F, to make the effect more voluminous.

Step 15

Select the “Fog” layer blending mode – Linear Dodge (linear dodge) and set the opacity 18%.

Step 16

By pressing Ctrl + L we set the following level parameters:

Step 17

Select the “Gates” layer and add a correction layer – Hue / Saturation, with the parameters as in the picture:

Step 18

Well, we continue. Go to the Birds layer by clicking on V, move the layer until the birds are visible to you.

Step 19

Set opacity for fog layer thirty%

Step 20

Create a new layer “Rain”, under the layer “Gate”

Step 21

Press Alt + Backspace to fill the layer. Next, go to the menu Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise), set monochrome, number = 170%.

Step 22

Further: Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur), set the angle: -50, offset 32.

Step 23

Press Ctrl + T to switch to the free transform mode and stretch the layer to 115%, so that the edges go beyond our drawing.

Step 24

Let’s go to the “Rain” layer, press Ctrl + L to go to the level setting and set the following parameters:

Step 25

Set the opacity for the “Rain” layer – 80% , blending mode is Multiplication (Multiply).

Step 26

For the “Rain” layer, add a correction layer – Hue / Saturation, with parameters as in the picture:

Step 27

Now we will change the level parameters of the layer:

Step 28

And finally, for the “Rain” layer, add a mask, choose a brush, with opacity 50% and process her picture in some places to reduce the effect of rain there.
This is what we ended up with:

Author: Yaser azrak

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