Who are you? Moose???

This lesson is devoted to the magnificent filter in Photoshop. His name – Liquify.

You can find it in the menu Filter or
pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + X

Open the photo in Photoshop, over which you want to really make fun. It can be a friend or foe.

For purely ethical reasons, I took an ordinary toy bear.

So, go to the menu Filter and find there Liquify
Before you open this window:

On the left you see the tool palette, and on the right the settings for these tools.

Most often the very first tool is used – (like a finger, but acts much stronger)

Set approximately the following parameters for the brush:

Brush size – brush size
Brush Density – brush density
Brush pressure – hand pressure

Tortures over a poor soft animal begin!

Place your brush, hold down the left key and pull. This is what happens. Everything is very simple!

Thus, the bear can be turned into a moose.

No, not yet. Elks have long muzzles and their noses are much larger.

Now it looks like a dog with horns.

I think it’s time to wrap up. And at night the nightmares will be dreaming.

I hope you understand the meaning of this filter.
I was always amazed at the fact that a small speck could be stretched onto the floor of a photograph, and all this without loss of quality. As, for example, in this case.

In this lesson we all stretch and increase, although the same can be done with accuracy and vice versa.

If you really want to turn the bear into a mouse, then take Pucker tool, Place a large brush, move your nose and press a couple of times. Here you have a mouse.

Play, try! This is actually a very fun activity, especially if you use this filter in photos with people.

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