Zombies are coming …

In this lesson we will make a zombie from an ordinary person with a few simple steps.

It will be scary, so it is better for the faint of heart not to read the lesson :)

Here is what we get in the end:

Step 1. Open the photo of this girl. You can also use your own.

Step 2. We load into Photoshop an image of rotting meat or something similar. Looks disgusting! Remember that we are trying to create a scary and loathsome zombie face.
You can use this picture here.

Step 3. I do not advise you to look at it for a long time, but it can be awful!
All we have to do now is select a part of this disgusting image. To do this, activate Lasso Tool (Lasso) (L) and create a selection.

Next, go Select – Modify – Feather (Allocation – Modification – Feather):

And set the radius to 20px.

Copy (CTRL + C) selection.

Step 4. We paste (CTRL + V) the copied area on the image with the girl. Customize size and tilt using Free transform (CTRL + T).

Step 5. Move on Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance) (CTRL + B). We set the following parameters:

Click OK.

Step 6. Move on Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast). Use the following settings:

Step 7. One such “rotten” place will not be enough, so we go back to the picture with meat and cut a piece for our girlfriend again. We insert, turn, customize and repeat steps 5 and 6.

Excess neatly wipe Eraser (Eraser) (E).

We put a rotten chin, cheek, under the eye, part of the nose and forehead. But the process of “zombies” is not over yet.

Step 8. Go back to the main layer with the girl and select the eyes. First, select one eye, then hold SHIFT, the other. Thus, we have two selections in different places.

Copy and paste into a new layer (CTRL + C, SHIFT + CTRL + N, CTRL + V).
Move on Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance) (CTRL + B) and set the following parameters:

Change Blending mode (Blend mode) of this layer on Screen (Lightening).

Step 9. Now we need to merge all the layers together. To do this, click on the main layer and hold down the SHIFT key, at the very top. As a result of this, all layers must be selected. We press CTRL + ALT + E. Now we have all the layers, which, in turn, remain intact, in one.

Step 10. Duplicate (CTRL + J) merged layer. Move on Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue and Saturation). Expose:

You should get something like this:

Click OK. Change Blending mode (Blend mode) of this layer on Linear light (Linear light), and Opacity (Opacity) set to 77%.

Step 11. In this step you will understand why we needed the old layers to be preserved. Duplicate the layer with the eyes and place it at the very top of the layers palette.

Did you notice that Blending mode (Blend mode) of this layer is on Screen (Elimination)? I hope you have too. If not, correct it.

Move on Image – Adjustments – Curves (Image – Correction – Curves) and use the following settings:

If the result does not look good enough, then again apply Curves (Curves).
We are done!

Here is the final result:

Hopefully, fans of such photo effects will appreciate this lesson.

Author: Violet.

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