How to install (add) new brushes in Photoshop?

This tutorial will help you install new brushes for your version of Photoshop. For others Photoshop versions (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC) the algorithm will be the same.

Many users wonder:How to load, add and install new brushes in Photoshop?”. This is the topic we will discuss in detail in this lesson.

First, download a file with new brushes from the Internet and unpack it if it is archived.

Next, open Photoshop and go to the tab in the main menu at the top of the screen. Editing – Sets Set Management (Edit – Preset Manager). This window will appear:

Button under the letter BUT (in the form of a small black arrow) allows you to choose the type of add-on you want to install – brushes, textures, shapes, styles etc.

Button under the letter B shows varieties of additions.

Click on the small black arrow and from the list that appears, by pressing the left mouse button, select the type of add-on – Brushes (Brushes):

Next, press the button Download (Load)

A new window appears. Here you specify the address of the downloaded file with brushes. This file is on your desktop or placed in a special folder for downloaded add-ons. In my case, the file is located in the Brushes folder on the desktop:

Press again Download (Load)

Now, in the “Manage Sets” dialog box, you can see at the end of the brush set the new brushes we just downloaded:

That’s all, the program Photoshop copied the specified file with brushes in your set. You can use!

I set new brushes together with you! Let’s see what happened!


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