Effects of design

I do not know about you, I spent the whole weekend at orienteering competitions. And not just participated, and even won them!

For the lesson I will use photos from these competitions.

In this Photoshop tutorial, I want to give you a couple more ideas for decorating your shots.

Look at this job:

Note for yourself a couple of points:

1. It is interesting to use photographs for collages, when a person is holding a sheet of paper, a book, a business card, etc.

From above you can place your information or picture.

For this tutorial, I used the following image:

(* This is a map of the area, the distance that athletes need to run is marked in red).

2. The effect of three-dimensional image.

A simple 3D duplication is achieved by duplicating and reducing the photo layer. Of course, the “Inner Shadow” layer style plays a big role here.

So now let’s go through the steps.

We transfer the key photo to the card.

Click on the button with the letter “f” at the bottom of the layers palette to add an Inner Shadow layer style

We get the following effect, now it seems that the photo is cut out.

Duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J), press Ctrl + T (free transform), hold down Shift to keep the proportions and reduce the copy.

Repeat the steps to create another smaller copy.

The image has a volume, the look goes into the distance through the tunnel of photos.

You can reduce transparency in the first two layers, for example:
the largest layer – 70%, medium – 90%, small – 100%

And we get the following result:

I hope these new tricks will be useful for you and help you create more original collages.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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