Heavenly collage

Add to your piggy bank of experience an example of creating a beautiful collage based on photos and textures.

Here is the final result:

For this tutorial, you will need textures that you can download here.

Open 2 photos with a girl

Now one photo needs to be superimposed on another as follows:

Select layer 1 (layer 1), click Ctrl + J, to duplicate it. Now select layer 1 copy (copy of layer 1) and click Ctrl + B, in the window that opens, set the following parameters:

The method of mixing layers for copy of layer 1 set Screen(Lightening)

Combine layer 1 and copy of layer 1, by clicking Ctrl+E
Add a mask for layer 2. Take brush and erase the outline of the photo as shown below.

Open up texture one. Apply for her method of mixing layers on Screen (clarification). This is what should happen:

Select layer 1. In the same way as you did before, erase the outline of the first photo.

Open up texture 2. Apply for her Screen (Lightening). Add a mask brush and remove a small part from the girl’s face. Like this:

Open up texture 3 and do the previous step.

Open up texture four and do the previous step.

Now copy layer 1. Place it above layer 2. Apply to it Screen(Lightening), opacity 70%.

Select layer 2. Click Ctrl + L and set the following parameters:

Now for more beauty you can add brushes and text. Collage is ready!

Author: photoshop-garden

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