Mahogany frame

Another Photoshop Maker Tyunkova Natalie ready to share with you a homemade lesson.

Now she will show you how you can easily make an excellent mahogany frame.


Open the desired image that we want to frame.

If you have Photoshop CS3, then the frame can be easily made using Action.

Press the key combination Alt + F9, to bring up a window Actions (Operations). Choose an action: Frame channel – 50 pix.

Did you notice that a selection around the image appeared as a frame?


And now for those who have early versions of Photoshop.
The frame you can do with the tool (rectangular selection), create a selection, then switch the tool to (subtract from the selection) and draw another selection the size of your picture. Done!


Create a new layer and fill the frame with color. # A14914

Click on the button with the letter “f“at the bottom of the layers palette and add the following layer styles.

Shadow/ Drop Shadow,
Inner shadow/ Inner Shadow,
External glow/ Outer Glow,
Internal glow/ Inner Glow,
Stamping/ Bevel and Emboss,
Gloss/ Satin.

In the parameters do not change anything.

You should get the following:

Make a copy of the layer Ctrl + J

Now we will prove that our frame is made of wood. Need to add wood fibers.

Let’s go to Filter – Rendering – Fibers (Filter – Render – Fibers)

We set the following parameters:

Deviation: 15.0
Intensity: 64.0

It turns out like this:

Change the mode to Darkening basics (Color dodge)

That’s all. The frame is ready! It remains only to slightly adjust the size (if you are not satisfied) and this is the end result of our efforts.


Comment Zinaida Lukyanova:

Good lesson! I advise you to try different blending modes, I also liked Hard Light.

See you at www.!

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