Make a children’s album in Photoshop

Greetings to all!
Recently, it has become very popular to use not just frames for photos, but to combine them into a single series, i.e. create a whole photo album in one style.
In the internet, many options have been proposed, but it’s still more interesting to do it yourself. Let’s try to make a photo album for kids.

Materials for the lesson:


Font chocogirl

So, create a new document:

Fill the new layer with blue color (#ccecff).
This will be the background of one of the pages of our album.
Now draw a frame.
Create a rectangular selection (tool Rectangular Marquee Tool) , a little stepping back from the edge of the document, feathering somewhere 50pix.
Invert selection (Shift +Ctrl +I), save it (this selection is still useful to us – Selection-Save Selection – Select-Save Selection) and fill the resulting frame on the New layer with color – # 94cbea.
This is what happens:

Merge two new layers into one (Shift +Ctrl +E).
Next we do the same, but with different colors: pink (#ffd9d9, # f1abab – for the frame), yellow (#fef9bd, # fbe98e – for the frame), and green (#dfffbe, # adde7c – for the frame).
We got four layers – four pages. You can give them names by color.

Now with Pen Tools (Pen Tool) or ready-made forms (Custom Shape Tool) we draw children’s pictures of such a plan – as you like:

From these figures we will make a pretty frame for the pages of the children’s photo album.
Make copies of figures, we still need them, and hide the visibility of layers with spare pictures.
Then, reduce the size of the working version of the figures.
If these were ready-made forms (Custom Shape Tool) it is better to rasterize these layers (PKM, being on the bed ready form – Rasterize Layer in the dropdown menu).
And then we distribute them around the contour of the document, changing colors (for this we use the colors of the backgrounds: #ffd9d9, #fef9bd, #dfffbe, #ccecff).
Merge all the figures into one layer (Shift +Ctrl +E) –And call Frame.

Tip: Before choosing a location for the frame from the figures, you need to think about the form in which your album will exist: in electronic form – then do as you like or printed out, then you need to think about the method of attaching the pages – leave an empty place for the attachment so that the frame and other objects remained intact))))

You can add your own shapes, change their number and color order – everything is in your hands! ))))
This frame will be on each page of the album.
Now, to the resulting layer Frame, Add Inner Shadow Layer Style (Layer – Layer Style-Inner Shadow):

It turned out the effect of cut windows.
And put a layer Frame over all layers with the background of the pages – it will be more convenient.

We proceed to the design of individual sheets of the photo album.
Let’s start with a blue sheet – this will be the cover.

For registration, you can use Baby or your picture, or a photo of the hero of the album.
Place the image Baby in the document.

And now reduce the saturation (Saturation) pictures to make the picture look better on a blue background.
To do this, create a new adjustment layer (Create new fill or adjustment layer-hue / saturation) and translate it into the clipping mask (PKMCreate Clipping mask).
Fonts Chocogirl we write on the cover of the album. The colors for the text I took from the picture with the baby.

Now create a new document of size. 115×115pix, The background is white.
Here we will create a fill, in the form of a cage, for large toy figures.
For convenience, we arrange guides (Ctrl +R) and draw a black strip in the center on a separate layer.
Reduce the opacity of the layer (Opaticy) before 50 % (see screenshot -1).
Then, copy the stripe layer and distribute the copies across the document (see screenshot -2).
Merge layers with stripes together.
Create a layer selection (click Paintwork on layer icon +Ctrl) and on the New layers fill the selection with colors: #ffd9d9, #fef9bd, #dfffbe, #ccecff (see screenshot -3,4).
I duplicated the colored layers to make the color more saturated, but there are no comrades to the taste and color …))))) you can simply reduce the transparency.
Now, in turn, we merge each color layer with background white and create a new fill (Edit-Add Fill – Edit-Define Pattern). As a result, we got the 4th type of filling into the cage (see screenshot -5).

We find spare layers with figures, for the cover I chose a typewriter, and select the required size and location on the page.
Create a layer selection of the machine figurine (click Paintwork on layer icon +Ctrl), then on the New layer we fill the selection with the dove fill cell (Fill-Sample – Paint Buckct Tool-Pattern).

Tip: at first it is better to choose the size of the shape, and then apply the fill. So, as when changing the size of the figure, its size and the cell changes. And then on different pages of the album there will be a different scale of the fill.

Add a Style-Shadow to the blue checkered layer (Layer-Style-Shadow Layer – Layer-Layer Style-Drop Shadow).
We place any inscription on the machine figure.

Well, the cover of our photo album for kids is READY!
Further it will be much easier … All the blanks and the work plan we have))))
Elements of each page can be placed in separate groups – it is easier to understand a large number of layers.
Now make the layer with a pink background visible.
On this and other pages of the album, we make cutouts for photos, for example, using the Rectangular Selection tool (Rectangular Marquee Tool) and click Delete.
Then, add the Shadow Style (Layer-Layer Style-Drop Shadow). The values ​​of the parameters of the Layer Style I took from the settings inner shadow layer Frame.
On the pink layer, I placed a bear figure and filled it with a pink cage.
Here is what happened:

Then yellow … …

… and the green page.

I remind you, you first need to decide on the size of the figure, and then do the fill.
What else can you do ????? On the figures there are inscriptions for photos, cutouts for photos of different shapes, a place for captions on the album pages themselves, change the frames on each page, etc. – fantasy to help you))))
Now, duplicate the layer Frame.
And merge the layers (Ctrl +E) related to each page, in separate ……
… and all! ))))
The number of pages in the photo album can be any number, and the design can change.

Good luck in life and work,

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