Make a photo collage in Photoshop


First you need to create a new document and prepare several images of your choice:

Go to Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Sharpness).

Name the layer S1. Create a new layer under the S1 layer and use the tool Rectangular area (Rectangular marquee tool) to make a selection:

Use the fill tool to color the image. Paint bucket tool # f9f7f1.

Merge S1 layers and new layer. Name the generic layer S1-photo. Click on this layer and go to Edit> Free Transform (Editing – Free Transform) (press Ctrl + T). Then select the following tool:

Turn your image into a kind of flying flag (well, or in any other desired form you):

And press ok. Do the same with a couple more photos. You can do something like this:

Our next step is to open this texture in Photoshop, place it in the main document under the three layers. Create a new layer on top of all and fill it with the color # eae7d8, set the blending mode of this layer to Multiply – multiply and opacity is 69% opacity.


Take the brush with the following settings:

You can change the opacity of the brush to make it soft. Create a new layer above the texture and use this brush. The following will turn out:

Find a picture with a flower. Open in Photoshop and cut out a flower, paste it into our working paper.

Use free transform Free transform for resizing. Also, I changed the color for a larger combination with the background color.

Create a new layer and place it under the flower layer. Using a brush, draw a couple of free lines.

My result:

You can add some more inscriptions and use other brushes to decorate your work.

The end of our work:

Author: photoshop-garden

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