Making a desktop calendar in Photoshop

Hello! In this Photoshop tutorial, I will try to tell you how to quickly make a desktop calendar like this.

I will say right away that the lesson is not designed for a story about how collages are made, so I will not write much and go into the details of the collage for this calendar (there are enough lessons on the site).
I want to show how you can make yourself and make such a calendar. To work you need a calendar grid, which can be downloaded here.

Step 1. First, open a new document (Ctrl +N), in the appeared window, in the section Set, select International Paper SizeThe sizeA4. (Permission required 300 squeak / inch, background color is white).

Call Ruler (Ctrl +R) on the document. Now we need to mark the lines along which we will orient ourselves while arranging the images, and at the end of the work (after printing), we will bend the sheet according to these designations to get the desired shape of the calendar.
To do this, go to View / New Guide (View /New Guide) . In the window that appears, select Orientation (Orientation) – Horizontal (Horizontal), and in Position(Position) write 50%, click on Yes.

Now we need a new guide at a distance from the first in 9 cm.
Take the tool Ruler (Rulet Tool (I)) in the tool settings, uncheck the box next to Use measurement scale (Use Measure Scale), then Width and Height you will have indicated in centimeters. Drag the line from the Guide down (the height of the line will be shown on the toolbar, we need approximately 9 cm.). Align the line so that it is free from kinks. Then, hold down the key Ctrl and clicking on the ruler on top (which is located at the edges of the document), pull out another guide, drag it to the edge of the line that we stretched with the tool Ruler (Rulet Tool (I)) (the guide itself will stick directly to the edge).

We do the same, in the opposite direction from the “central” Guide.
As a result, you should have a document divided by the Guides into four parts.

* I reduced the size of the sheet to show it completely *

Step 2. According to my idea, there will be a different picture on each side of the calendar (so as not to get tired of the same thing all year). Start doing the first side. For the background, I chose this picture with a frosty pattern:

Placing (with Free Transformation (Ctrl +T)a) on the document pattern, i tool Rectangular area (M) singled out the side in which we will have a drawing (which is 9 cm), then Inverted (Ctrl +I) selection and clicked Delete.

Slightly corrected the layer and applying to it Levels (Levels (Ctrl + L)) Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur), lowered Opacity (Opasity) layer.

Then I took a picture with a tiger.

Separated tiger from the background. I used for this Channels (Channels) (the technique can be viewed in the video tutorial: Channels – 2 lesson. Select the hair . We place the cub in our document, do not forget that there should be a place for the calendar grid.

Then, I found a clipart, with snow-covered branches of spruce and put them (branches) along the contour of the side we are doing (using Free Transformation / Flip Horizontal, Vertical and resize). As a result, that’s what I got.

Then we merge all the layers related to the branches of the spruce (by selecting all the layers with spruces and clicking Ctrl +E). Being on the resulting layer with spruce, instrument Rectangular area (M) select our side, then invert the selection and delete the excess (repeat what we did at the beginning of the second step).

Step 3. Now we have a calendar grid (I decided to make it more readable for six months on each side). Tool Text (T), write 2010 (you can change the size, position, opacity and color, layer with the text of 2010).
In conclusion with this side, we make a frame around the edges.

Step 4. Go to the second side.
Go to Image / Rotate canvas / 90 degrees clockwise (Image / Image Rotation / 90 CW). Do it twice.
Your document will turn over, and we will be able to do the second side normally (it is important to turn it on 90s clockwise, but not Flip Vertical, This function will not work, because when printing, you will have the wrong arrangement of numbers and patterns (as reflected in the mirror)).

The principle of the second side is the same as the one we did with the first side. We are looking for a beautiful picture for the background, position it on the side, remove the excess (adjust, lighten, lower opacity).

We are looking for something to frame the edges (I decided that it would be palm leaves).

Add a calendar grid, frame and text 2010.

As a result, our work will look like this:

* Guides can already be hidden (Ctrl +H)*

Step 5. We print the obtained result (you need to print the size exactly A4, perhaps when printing, you will need to tick – Print real size (it depends on the printer and its settings).

* well, if you have thick paper, such as glossy photo paper, then the calendar will last longer and be more stable *

Then bend the printed sheet in half, and then turn the edges inward. The edges turned inside will be a support for our calendar.

Bottom glue with glue, or fasten with a stapler and that’s it, you should have such a calendar house.

In this lesson, I showed the principle of how to make such a calendar.
You, in turn, can make your design: put a photo of your child, loved one, friends, or just a favorite picture.
Or put all 12 months on each side, or on the turn, to make one month on each side, and make six such calendars.
Or maybe make one side of the title, with a beautiful picture, and on the other side to place the calendar grid.
There are a lot of design options.

I hope you liked the lesson and you can please yourself and loved ones, a modest gift in the form of a table calendar.

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