Making a flyer in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a vector-style flyer with Photoshop.

To begin with, we create a new document with a size of 1000x500px and a resolution of 72dpi. Fill it with black.

Now create a new layer and, with the tool Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection), create a selection as shown in the figure below. Then fill it with white.

Remove selection with a shortcut key. CTRL + D and duplicate this layer several times. We place copies as shown below.

Merge all layers with a white rectangle into one and apply Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow and Gradient overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow and Gradient Overlap) to a new layer.

This should be the result of applying styles.

Move to the next step.
Now add the silhouettes of dancing girls. At this stage you will need a special brush. Select the layer you just worked with, Select – Load Selection (Selection – Load Selection). After that we create a new layer and, using the brushes offered by me, draw them.

Again we create a new layer and place it at the very top of the layers palette. Again we draw silhouettes, but now we need them to be as if in the distance. To do this, reduce them. size (size) and opacity (opacity) of the layer is reduced to 50%.

Remove selection CTRL + D. Activate the tool Horizontal type tool (T) (Horizontal text) and write the text you need in black.

For the text I used the font Venus Rising. Copy (CTRL + C) the text layer several times and place on each rectangle.

Merge all layers, except the background, together and apply Edit – Transform – Distort (Editing – Transformation – Distortion).

Then apply Edit – Transform – Warp (Editing – Transformation – Deformation) and slightly rounded at the edges.

Next we will create a reflection. Beginners at this step may have difficulties, as it is rather complicated. Duplicate layer (CTRL + J) and flip duplicate vertically Edit – Transform – Flip Vertical (Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically). Via Edit – Transform – Skew (Editing – Transformation – Slope) and Edit – Transform – Distort (Editing – Transformation – Distortion) create something like a reflection. After that, press Enter.

Create quick mask (Q) and fill it with a standard linear gradient.

Then exit the quick mask mode by pressing again Q. As a result, a reflection was formed on the reflection. We press key Delete.

Remove selection CTRL + D and apply Filter – Blur – MotionBlur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) with the following parameters.

Decrease opacity (opacity) of a layer up to 50% and we get this result.

We are done with the background. Go to the next step. Activate the tool BrushTool (Brush). Hardness to maximum, size – 19px. Then go to the brush settings Window – Brushes (Windows – Brushes) and set such parameters.
Brush tip shape (Brush print form)

Shape Dynamics (Dynamics of the form)

Scattering (Scattering)

Other Dynamics (Other Dynamics)

Create a new layer and this brush chaotically draw on our document. Colour
brushes – white.

Now apply layer styles. Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow and Gradient overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Inner Glow and Gradient Overlap).


Add another big girl silhouette. Activate the tool again Brush tool (Brush) and, setting the brush color #232b0e, on a new layer we draw our girl.

And the last thing we need to do is add text. Choosing a tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) and write.

On my flyer, I used the font Vera Crouz.

We are done! I hope you got the expected result. Do not be afraid to experiment!

It’s all! Good luck.

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