Making a horror movie poster.

For this tutorial you will need to download these photos:

Paper texture

Step 1. So, to begin with we create a new document in the amount of 1000×1200. and fill the layer with this color # 211f1f.

Step 2. Open the paper texture and drag it into our image.

Step 3. Change texture size (Ctrl+t) and change the layer blending mode to Overlay. In the end, we got something like that.

Step 4. Now, open the photo with a print and paste it into the project, resize it and place it slightly above the middle.

Step 5. At the print, we change the blending mode to Darker Color (darker) and decrease Opacity(opacity) up to 80%. As a result, we get something like that.

Step 6. At this moment we have to add an image to the model, open the photo and we need to make it more light. To do this, go to Image> Adjustments> Shadow / Highlight(Image> correction> light / shadow) and put the following parameters there.

Step 7. Now we need to discolor the image with Gradient Map (gradient map), Image> Adjustments> Gradient Map(Image> Correction> Gradient Map) choose black and white gradient, thanks to this we got a black and white image.

Step 8. Drag the image with the girl into the main document and change the blending mode to Overlay. Now take eraser with soft edges and erase those fingerprints that hit the girl’s face.

Step 9. We now need the background, to do this, open the image with the road and paste it above the background layer and change the blending mode to Luminosity (glow).

Step 10. Open the photo with the silhouette and insert it into the project and change the size.

Step 11. Lower the opacity to 80%. Place the silhouette above the road and discolor it. Below is what we have.
The layers are arranged in the following order: Background layer> paper layer> road> shadow silhouette> fingerprints> Girl.

Step 12. At this stage, insert our kitchen knife in the bottom corner and separate it from the background.

Step 13. It’s time to add a name. Before this, open a new layer and take a soft, black brush and draw a circle where the inscription itself will be.

Step 14. Add a few shapes to give our poster more of a gothic look.

Step 15. Use another similar shape of a lighter color and place it above the black cloud.

Step 16. Now we will add the inscriptions, make the inscription in white above the black cloud. For this we use the font. We made use of the Birch Std font for “Laura’s”, color white, 109pt.

Step 17. Add a layer style for the label. Gradient Overlay (gradient overlay), go to Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay (Layers> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay) and customize the gradient like the image below.

Step 18. We write the second word in red, for more similarity, the author uses the font “Chiller“(Cost 29.00 USD for download). Add to it, as in the previous step, the gradient of white to give depth.

That’s all, I hope you like it and make it your own.

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