Making a mockup poster in photoshop

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to create a mockup poster that can be reused. In the process, we will use smart objects to create non-destructive editing.

Final result:

Step 1

For a start, you need a good poster shot and the person who will hold it in your hands. In my case, the author of the articles for the site Abduzeedo Paulo Gabriel is holding the poster image.

Step 2

Tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool) (L) select the fingers that hold the poster:

Step 3

Call the team Define the edge (Refine Edge) select option SmartRadius, and then paint over the edges of your fingers to clarify the selection. After that, in the parameter Output select item Create New Mask Layer (New Layer with Layer Mask).

Step 4

Now draw a yellow rectangle over the poster:

Step 5

Reorder the layers so that the yellow rectangle is under the layer with the fingers.

Step 6

To make it realistic, add a shadow under your fingers: (Layer – Layer Styles – Shadow) (Layer> Layer Styles> Drop Shadow). In the opened layer style settings window select the blending mode Linear dimmer (Linear Burn), Opacity (Opacity) 30%, then set the parameter Distance 4 px Spread 0% and Size (Size) 5 px.

Step 7

Select a layer with a rectangle and change the color to white and convert it into a smart object. (Layer – Smart Object – Convert to Smart Object) (Layer> Smart Objects> Convert to Smart Objects). After that, select the command Deformation (Edit – Transform – Warp) (Edit> Transform> Warp) (Ctrl + T). Distort the edges of the rectangle, making it look like a real poster.

Step 8

Apply a layer style to the smart object. Gradient overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Gradient Overlay) (Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay). Use a black and white gradient with an opacity of 10%. Reduce the Scale parameter to 55% and right on the image move the dark part of the gradient with the mouse to the bottom of the poster.

Step 9

Now select the style of the Pattern Overlap layer (Pattern Overlay) and in the settings window select the blending mode Linear dimmer (Linear Burn) with an opacity of 20%.

Step 10

Now you have an empty ready-made poster in the form of a smart object and in order to change it, simply double-click on it and add any image.

Step 11

After you save the document file with the .psb extension, Photoshop will open a smart object for editing and you can add any image to the poster.

And finally, a few examples of posters that were created according to the principle described above.

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