Making a postcard in Photoshop

Create a new document, fill with color # BEB095.

Materials for the lesson:




You can find any model that you like. I chose a photo of this lady. Pre cut it with a tool Pen . Duplicate the layer with the girl, press Ctrl + T – to reflect horizontally and slightly increase in size. Place the girls like this:

Open the texture, transfer it to the background (under the layers with the girls), change the blending mode to Multiplication.

Now open the picture with the tree, use the tool Magic wand , to cut a tree from the background.

Move the tree to the background, set the blending mode Darkening basics.

Open the Brushes palette, select this brush (you can download the brush from the archive)

Brush color is white. Apply the brush on the picture. On four separate layers we draw with a brush and with the help of Ctrl + T we rotate the element to make such a frame:

Press Ctrl + E to merge these four layers. Move on Layers – Layer Style – Blending Options – Outer Glow, to brush flashed. Set: opacity – 35%, span – 2%, size – 5 pixels., Range – 50%:

Create a new layer. Using a soft brush of black color 200px, go through the shape of our frame as in the figure. Move this layer under the layer with the frame.

Go through the curly brush again or duplicate the layer with our frame and slightly shift it:

Let’s go to Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Gradient Map. Set the mode Soft light. Opacity is 40%. Click “Yes”.

After clicking the left mouse button on the gradient bar, we get the Gradient Editor. Set the color scheme as in the picture. Position size set to 63%. Once again, “Yes.”

After applying the gradient, this is what happens:

Open pictures of butterflies:

Cut them with Magic wand , then move to the picture.
And here is the final result:

Author: photoshop-garden

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