Making a scheme for embroidery

Perhaps among Photoshop-masters there are also lovers of embroidering a cross.

Especially for them, a lesson on how to make a scheme for embroidery from any photo.

Select a photo.

Go to the menu Image – Correction – Posterize (Image – Adjustments – Posterize)

See, the less levels you set, the fewer colors remain on the image. We do this in order to get rid of numerous color shades.

Next, apply Filter – Design – Mosaic (Filter – Pixelate – Mosaic)

Here is a situation: the smaller the square, the larger. I installed here 5.

And that’s what happened.

If the photo was originally small, you can go to the menu Image – Image Size (Image – Image Size) and enlarge it.

In addition, so that the squares do not look cloudy after magnification, you can apply the Sharpness filter a couple of times.

To make it easier to embroider, you need to divide the image into squares of 10×10 cells.

To do this, click Ctrl + R, to make the lines on the left and on top.
Pull the guides out of them and determine the center.

Take the Line tool , Draw straight along the guide lines vertical and horizontal.

Duplicate the lines and place them in 10 cells.

As a result, you will get this scheme:

You will only have to print it and pick up the colors.

See you at www.!

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