Making a wedding invitation

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to easily make a wedding invitation.

When it came time to make invitations for the guests, we naturally did not turn to special services for photo services, but decided to use our Photoshop knowledge and draw the invitation by ourselves.

After all, this is all done quite simply – now you will see for yourself.
And ordering a design in some photo-studio, you can pay a lot of money, and it’s not a fact that the result of someone else’s master will suit you.

And first look what happened:

By the way, the first version of the invitation turned out to be unsuccessful, because I placed Zhenya and me in different corners, and it turns out to be impossible to do this!
In addition, the postcard format was too small …

It’s good that we were stopped in time, although we managed to print 50 pieces :)

So let’s get started!

First, a little about the size. We chose the format of the invitation, that the sheet A4 fit 2 invitation cards (in turn)

The size of the invitation in folded form (see above) – 13 x 9.5 cm

If you want to make an invitation card of the same format, then when creating a new document, set the parameters to 13×9.5 cm

Select tool – Gradient

If you double click on the gradient image in the settings of this tool, a large window will appear where you can fantasize your gradient.

I did this: purple-pink-turquoise

I stretched it from corner to corner and that’s what happened!

Next, I took an image of a flower heart and placed it this way:

See, is there just a place for our photo together ?!

Cut and place it inside the flower heart. It is desirable to make the edges aerial, that is, to shade. For what take the eraser tool and set in the settings soft large brush.

Now it feels like we were always sitting in these colors!

Wonderful! It remains to add the inscription “Wedding Invitation”

Take some elegant font.
I used in my opinion Vivaldi

The place where the inscription will be slightly brightened.

To the words I added color, volume, external glow and shadow.

All these are layer styles. You can find them by double-clicking on the text layer – a window will appear. Layer style. There is everything you need!

That turned out to be the front part of the invitation:

For the back side, I filled the document with the same gradient, placed the same floral heart, only greatly reduced. And added the inscription “With love!”

Like this:

I wish you success in your own creations!

See you at www.!

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