Making an interesting design for a photo.

Step 1. Open an image resembling a photo album sheet or a sheet of an old book. Make sure that it will be clearly visible text and image.

Step 2. Create our headline. Choose a large font size, for example 60pt. The font I used is Pristina. Write the title text. Now create a new layer and name it “background”. Drag the current layer below the text layer. Change color Set foreground color (Set Primary Color) to a color that blends with the text. I used # d9d3c1. Tool Rectangular selection tool (Rectangular selection) create a selection behind the text. PCM from the list select Fill (Fill …). Select Foreground color (Primary color) and click OK. Install Opacity (Transparency) this layer is 75%. It should be like this.

Step 3. Create a tape. Create a new layer and name it “Ribbon.” Set the base color to # f1e5a9. You can choose a different color, but to match it with your background. Using the tool Rectangular selection tool (Rectangular selection), draw an elongated rectangular shape. PCM from the list select Fill (Fill …). Install Foreground color (Primary color) and click OK. Now cut the top and bottom sides of the rectangle using the tool. Polygonal Lasso tool (Polygonal lasso). At the end, install Opacity (Transparency) this layer 60%. It should be like this.

Step 4. Rotate, move, resize the ribbon and place it on the top header. Make a copy of the “Ribbon” layer and do the same process as with the previous ribbon.

Step 5. Now it’s time to start creating a button. Select the primary color for the button. I used # 94938f. Create a small circle using the tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse).

Now create another smaller circle of a dark color and place it a little higher to the right side of the first circle. Next, create a circle a little more than the previous one and the same color as the first circle. Move this circle so that it overlaps the previous circle.

Change the base color to # e1e1e0 and background color on # 94938f. Call the team Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options … (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options …) and apply to it Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay). The settings are shown in the figure.

Now merge all button layers. Name the layer “Button”. Give the shadow of our button with the following settings.

Step 6. Open your favorite photo. Name the layer “Photo”. Add our image volume. Run the command Edit> Transform> Warp (Editing – Transforming – Deformation) and distort as shown in the figure.

Step 7. Add the shadow of our photo as shown.

Make sure the “Photo” layer is below the “Button” layer. It should look like a button to hold your photo.

At the end I will apply some orange to the photo Image> Adjustments> Color Balance (Image – Correction – Color Balance). This effect you can not apply.

Author: Jerrod

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