New Year’s design for your desktop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make Christmas wallpapers for your desktop.

Create a new document with your desktop settings, for example, 1024×768 px and resolution 72.

Create a new layer () and fill it with any color.
Add a style to this gradient overlay:

Set the gradient colors as in the picture:

This is what should happen:

Next, take the tool “Oval figure” , hold down Shift and draw a circle.

Set the Fill parameter to ten% instead of 100%.

Then copy this circle several times, resize to some and place as shown in the picture:

Get ready, start creating a new circle, for which take color # 7c0100

Change the Fill parameter to 80% instead of 100%.

In the same way, duplicate the layer with a circle, resize it, place it as shown:

Take the tool again and make another white circle:

Change the Fill parameter to thirty% instead of 100%.

Make a lot of copies of the circle and scatter them like this:

It’s time to download a brush with snowflakes – here.

Then create a new layer. Find the brush number 85 and place some snowflakes on the document:

Create a new layer, select the brush under the number. 70 and place some more snowflakes:

We continue to fill the desktop with snowflakes …
Next comes the number 92. Do not forget to create a new layer.

Create a new layer again and add a snowflake number 80:

And now the number 118.

Now find some small snowflakes and sprinkle them around the edges:

Done, rather place your creation on your desktop! Let it pleases the eye and creates a festive mood!

See you at www.!

Author: designstacks

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