Postcard – a dream!

Did you know that Photoshop can fulfill any of your dreams?
In this lesson I will show how this happens.

My friend recently had a birthday party. On this occasion, I decided to draw her a postcard where her dream is fulfilled – to visit the Olympic Games in Sochi.

That’s what happened!

At the end of the lesson I will reveal the secret of how to properly use such dream pictures so that they actually come true.

So let’s get started.

This collage was molded from three photos: background, Maria Sharapova with a T-shirt and a photo of my friend Gali.

Stage 1:
cut out Sharapova and place it on a beautiful background with a snowy branch.

Usually I cut with the tool – Pen (Pen Tool)
And when the contour is ready, I right-click and select the command Make selection

Is the selection coming up? Then feel free to copy it (Ctrl + C) and insert it into the background (Ctrl + V)

Stage 2:
we cut out Gali’s head in the same way and paste it over Sharapova.

There is a blank, jewelry work will start now.
By the way, the photo with Galya was much larger, to reduce, I used the free transformation tool (Ctrl + T)

It is worth noting that Galya I cut out quite roughly, but we will correct this with further image processing.

Reduce transparency (opacity) layer from Galya to 70%

Now put the head of Gali on the head of Mary. We do this in order to adjust the proportions.

Using the free transformation tool (Ctrl + T, Remember: to decrease in proportion – hold down the key Shift) place the head of Gali so that the inclination of the head coincides, so that the eyes and mouth are approximately at the same levels as Sharapova.

Click Enter, to apply the transformation.

Now return the transparency of the layer in place.
I don’t know how in your case, but now I need to remove the extra parts from the photo of Gali – this is the sweater gate and the background behind the hair. For this, I will use the Eraser tool. , I will install a small soft brush and start washing.

Look at what happened. By the way, I also erased a shred of Mashkin hair that was sticking out of my left shoulder.

The only thing that still does not converge is the color of the skin.
Now we have a gale of Photoshop-tan.

Set colors in black-white palette
Switch to quick mask mode
Take a small hard brush and start painting over Gali’s face.
Do you remember that black color draws a mask, and white erases? OK

That’s what happened! This does not mean that Galya went too far with her tan – this is just one of the steps in using the quick mask.

Now go to normal mode – there was a selection.
Click Shift + Ctrl + I, to invert the selection, that is, to focus it on the face.

Next, click Ctrl + J, to copy the selection to a new layer. You can make sure that you have another one on the layers panel.

Next, go to the menu Image – Adjustments – Color Balance (Ctrl + B)
In the color balance window I set the following parameters. As you can see the color has changed to “light tan”

We need now to merge the body with his head.
Stand on the topmost layer and double click. Ctrl + E

Add a little effect of the glow of the “new” Gala as if she is beaming with happiness.

Double-click on the layer with Galya, the Add Styles window will appear. There, find the style Outer glow.
The settings that are offered to us by default are not suitable.
First, change the color of the glow from yellow to pure white.
And set about the same settings:

That’s what happened. Happy

In addition, if you look at the initial picture, you will see the inscription on the right “Dreams come true“(” Dreams come true “) – I already signed it myself with a similar font. You can do it too!

And now we open the SECRET of using such cards: when you draw yourself in your dream, print this photo and attach it over your desk or put it on a shelf, or over the bed – the main thing is that it is always before your eyes, and every day you look at this photo and imagined that your dream has already come true.

After 7 years, I will write to you whether Ghali’s dream came true !!!

Good luck!

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