Postcard for the New Year

In this Photoshop tutorial, let’s start preparing for holidays.
Draw a postcard with a New Year’s landscape.

Open a new document, size 800×600 px. Create a new layer and fill it with a gradient as shown below.

The weather on the card “frost and sun”, so we draw a bright sun. Take the tool and draw a smooth circle.

Add “Outer Glow” style

Gradient options:

Style: Gradient Overlay

Gradient options:

Choose this form , through it you can go to the figure “snowflake”.

Apply the snowflake styles as below:

Gradient overlay:

Copy the snowflake layer several times and resize it with the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T). Position about the same:

Take a feather and draw a little snowbank.

Apply the gradient overlay style.

Now one more, only more and white.

And again, with the help of Per, draw a pine twig.

Apply the gradient overlay style:

The size of the branch should be like this:

Copy the created branch 5 times. Turn each one and reduce the size. Arrange in the same way.

Merge all five branches in one layer. Duplicate this layer and flip horizontally using a free transformation (right-click on the frame, select flip horizontally).

The basis of the Christmas tree is ready. Now using the very branch that we drew, you can continue to duplicate it, transform it and stick it to the tree.

So a twig for a twig will turn out such a Christmas tree.

Create a new layer using a white solid brush. draw a row of beads of the same size when you make a small chain, duplicate the layer and decorate the Christmas tree further.

Using the same tool, draw balls on the Christmas tree.

To the balls on the tree did not look boring, they can add styles. For example, a multi-colored gradient: from red to green.

It will turn out like this:

And you can make this gradient:

In addition, the style of “external glow” will be very cool to look at the Christmas balls.

What a Christmas tree without a “star” top!

Select the figure of a five-pointed star from the pop-up list:

Apply the style “External Glow”:

As a result, we get just such a nice New Year card.

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