Postcard to the Day of St. Uncle Vali

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a Valentine’s Day greeting card.

So let’s start by creating a new document of size. 500 x 400 px. Unlock the background layer – just double click on the layer and click OK.

Take the tool , set the gradient colors:
from0353a4 before #46d3e8

Now switch to the Freeform tool. , Further in the settings, select the shape of the heart and draw a heart as shown below.

Apply the following styles to the heart layer: Inner shadow

External glow:

Embossing (Volume): Embossing style

Gradient overlay:


This is what you should get:

Now hold down the Ctrl key and click on the icon of the layer with the heart – a selection will appear. Next, take the tool in the “cut-off” mode (subtract from selection) and bite off the bottom of the selection as shown in the figure:

Create a new layer, set white as the main color, select the tool , In the settings, set the color of the gradient from white to transparent, then draw a gradient diagonally. Click Ctrl + D, to deselect.

With the gradient layer active, click on the “Add layer mask” button:

Now stretch the black and white gradient from the bottom up straight across the mask:

The heart is ready. Now let’s work on the background.

First set the color palette to blue as the main color. Go to Filter – Texture – Texturizer:

Then click on the button below. Create a new effects layer.

And apply the filter, which is adjacent to the Texturizer – Stained Glass (Stained Glass).

Optionally, you can also add a canvas texture (the first filter we used). The result is this:

It’s time to add some text.

Upstairs write: “I love you … very much!” Using the deform text button change his bend. Choose the style “Arch”

At the bottom write: “Happy Valentine’s Day”, apply the opposite kind of deformation.

Add a stroke to the text to make it stand out from the background.


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