Remove blue haze from the photo

From this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to get rid of the blue haze in photos.

For this lesson we will take a photo of Madeira Island:

As you can see photos lack contrast, and there is some blue haze, from which we will get rid of. This will help us with tools to manage levels and color saturation.
First, choose the tool Pipette (Eyedropper) on the toolbar. In the parameter sample size, we indicate – average 5×5.

Pipette allows us to achieve more accurate results.
In the layers palette, click on the create icon new adjustment layer and select item Levels (Levels)

We will adjust each of the three color channels separately.

To begin, choose red channel:

Move the slider highlighted in red to the beginning of the histogram.

Now repeat the same steps with green channel …

… and blue channel:

Click Ok, when done. Now we not only adjusted the colors, but also corrected the contrast.

In general, you can adjust the sliders to suit your preferences, depending on how the photo changes.
Now, it’s time to work. pipette, find an area on the image that is medium gray, open the level settings window, select the channel Rgb, In the same window, click on the icon – set the gray point, and now click the pipette on the selected location in the photo.

In our photo, I chose the following place:

If after the done action you do not notice significant changes in the image, it will mean that the channel setup was successful.
But still on the image remained small areas with blue haze, well, let’s get rid of them.
Create a new one adjustment layer and select Hue / Saturation

In the settings, select – blue and setting the active tool pipette (marked with the letter (B) in the figure) click on the area that has blue color. For example, like this:

Change saturationon -50 and click OK.
Double click on the icon. levels in the layers palette …

… and change the meaning green channel from 52 to 64. This change will allow us to increase the contrast of green foliage, which will improve the look.
After you are satisfied with the image, click OK and see the final result:

Author: lunacore

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