Remove the date from the photo

Do you want to delete the date from the photo? Then read this photoshop tutorial.

If the date is on the object itself and there is no possibility to cut it, then this is our case.

Look at this photo:

What ways will we get rid of numbers?

At first we will deal with 2006.

Increase the photo and take the tool patch. Select the numbers.
After that, drag the selection to the left to a clear blue sky and release the mouse.

The tool patch will fill the allocated space with the texture we showed it.

Further, the situation is more complicated. The numbers are located on different backgrounds.

Now use the tool Stamp.
Set a brush the size of the number “9”
Then we determine the texture with which we will fill the figure – we clamp Alt and click next to the number “9” and release.

Then we transfer the cursor directly to “9” and click again.

The resulting irregularities can be corrected with a small blue brush. Determine with a pipette color and go!

It remains to deal with the 10th.

In this case, you can simply paint over the figure with a white and black brush.

That’s what happened as a result. No dates!

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