Romantic card

To perform this romantic effect, you will need two photos. The author of the lesson used these:

Open Photo 1, press the key combination Ctrl +J to create a duplicate and call the new layer Sharpen (Sharpness).

Select the Sharpen layer and apply the filter. Edge Sharpness Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen Edges (Filter> Sharpness> Edge Sharpness)

Reapply this filter by pressing a combination. Ctrl + F

Keep applying Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen Edges and you get the following result:

Press combination Ctrl + J to duplicate the Sharpen layer and name the new Screen layer (lightening)

Change the blending mode of this layer to Screen (Lightening)

Open Photo 2 and select Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval area)
Create a selection as shown.

Hold Ctrl and drag the selection to Photo 1, then go to the menu Edit> Transform> Scale (Edit> Transform> Scale) to resize the image (apply the blending mode Screen (Lightening))

Open the texture:

Place it up in the layers palette and change the blending mode to Screen (Lightening)

Add text and romantic photo is ready.

Author: photoshop8x

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