Stylish Christmas Tree

We remember how to work with the Pen tool, and create a stylish Christmas picture.

Open a new document. 450×320 px resolution 300 dpi.
Fill it with dark red: # 900000

Create a new layer and fill it with white.
Take the tool and select a smaller rectangular area on the white layer. Press the key Delete – we have only a white frame. Next we will apply the styles to the frame.

Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette.
Choose the style “Overlay gradient”, there set the following parameters.

Click on the gradient bar, there you set the color of the gradient.


Grab the Pen Tool , switch to shape mode and start drawing the same shape as shown below.
Color set # E0BC41 , The size is approximately as shown (this is the base of a stylized Christmas tree).

Add the “Shadow” style:

We draw the top of the Christmas tree and add the “Shadow” style with the same settings:

Now proceed to the middle:

We draw such a figure right under the crown.

Last middle of the tree:

And a couple of strokes at the bottom of the tree:

Using your pen again, draw your unique star:

Apply the gradient overlay style.

Click on the gradient bar, there you set the color of the gradient.

Add a white stroke:

Draw with a pen like this ribbon:

Apply the same styles as the asterisk.

And one more ribbon with the same settings.

Draw a thin little ribbon on the Christmas tree and apply familiar styles.

Copy a layer with a ribbon, reduce it using Free Transform (Ctrl + T) and place it higher on the Christmas tree.

Choose a tool , from the drop-down list, find the star shape.

Set the color white and add stars of different sizes on the card.

Next, set this color # 600100 and add some more stars.

Done! Happy New Year to you!

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