Sunny collage

Yesterday was June 1, which meant two holidays at once: Children’s Day and First Day of Summer.

I connected these two wonderful events and received a collage like this:

It is done very simply and does not take much of your time.

The theme of children and flowers is always relevant, look only at the postcards of Anna Geddes!

Yes … Children are the flowers of life, love them, otherwise they will wither :)

So, for work we need a photo of a child or a group of children …

and, of course, flowers, where we will place these rebates:

The first photo will be used for the background, the second to cover the trimmed legs.

Separating children from the background by any means familiar to you, for example, using a quick mask.

Move a large flower to the background.

Duplicate the flower layer and change the blending mode to Multiply. You can try other modes, as well as adjust the transparency, as long as the flower does not look too bright in the background.

Layer with the kids gave a bit of style External glow (Outer Glow).

Take the picture with the second flower and cut it from there using the Pen tool.

When the contour is ready, click the right mouse button, select the Make Selection command, set 1-3 px for feathering.

Move the selected flower to the working paper. Place on the left, transform (Ctrl + T) if necessary, change the blending mode (to your taste).

Do the same thing a second time, just place the flower on the right.

Here is our collage, it remains only to come up with a frame.

Merge all layers Shift + Ctrl + E.

Go to the menu Image – Canvas Size (Image – Canvas Size).
The parameters width and height are increased by the same value, for example, by 2 cm. Click OK.

Below we create a new layer and fill it with white.

Standing on the bottom layer again expanding the canvas, the value can be slightly increased (for example, if you increased by 2 cm, let it be 3 cm now, but keep in mind that everything depends on the size of the image itself, choose your value)

As you can see, a strip with a chessboard appeared again, which means that the canvas field has expanded.

Now take the same flower that we used for the background and drag it to the working document. Place at the bottom of all the layers, Ctrl + T – transform (stretch or reduce the size of the picture if necessary)

Go back to the middle layer (white), click on the button at the bottom of the layers palette to go to the palette for adding layer styles.

Add a Stroke, black inside, pick your own size:

Another external glow (Outer Glow):

What happened as a result, see for yourself!

Agree, very simple, but how much sun and smiles in this collage!

See you at www.!

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