Territory text

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to write text around any object. This technique will help you when creating brochures or advertisements.

Although Photoshop is mainly created for processing photos, it can serve you as a program for design tasks, for example, when working with text.

So, in Photoshop it is possible to create a container of the desired form and fill it with text.

Here is a picture of a baseball. Let’s write the text on the right side around the ball.

Let’s start building a container for text. We will create it from the contours.

Take the tool in contour mode

And draw a rectangular contour as in the picture:

Now, to exclude the ball itself from the container, we will use the following tool.

Take the tool

Set the oval shape tool to Exception mode.

The cursor has the sign “-“

Now you can circle the ball, thus excluding it.

In the “Exception” mode, you could also switch simply by pressing Alt.

If you want to move your outline, then press the key. Ctrl.

And that’s what we got in the end:

Now it seems to you that we have two independent circuits, but this is not so. Only the rectangle is active, which is no longer a rectangle at all, because a round contour cut out a piece of it.

To make it clear what happened, look at the picture. Here the shaded part is the place where the text will be located.

Let’s finally add some text.

Take the tool , set the desired font, size and color.

For example:
Times New Roman, Bold (bold), 16pt, white:

Put the cursor in the contour, click and start typing your text.

This is how the text is located inside the form prepared for it:

If you’ve finished writing text, click on the checkmark located in the settings palette at the top:

To remove the outline, you can simply click on another layer or click Ctrl + H.

And here is our final result!

So you easily placed the text inside the framed frame! Good luck in making your work.

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