Victory Day!

On the eve of the great Victory Day holiday we will create a background image for the desktop.

Create a new document of the desired size.

I, for example, have a desktop 1440 x 900 px, 72 dpi

New document fill black color.

Take the tool arbitrary shape in shape mode ,
find a similar shape .

If you don’t have one in Photoshop, you can download it here.

Reduce the document, set the pale yellow color in the palette and stretch the shape in this way to the whole document.

Switch to the tool and drag the center down a bit:

Add a layer mask. Push the button at the bottom of the layers palette.

Take the radial gradient from white to black.
We lead from the center to the edge, this is what should happen:

The layer palette looks like this:

Now you will need to find pictures of the Spasskaya Tower, the Order and the St. George Ribbon.

I found my pictures on the Internet, you can take them here.

Open the photo with the tower, place its base in the center of the rays.
Take , click the sky when it is selected, click Delete.

Ctrl + D, remove selection. Eraser can remove the remaining specks from the sky.

Open the photo with a ribbon. This document is in GIF format, so first turn this image into a jpg.

Go to the menu Image – Modes – JPG (Image – Mode – JPG)
Done, now you can drag the bow to the main document.

Change the form to it a bit, to do this, press Ctrl + T, right-click, select the command Deformation (Wrap).

Pull the bottom corners to the sides and up, the top corners too slightly lift up.

Let’s place our objects as follows:

Open the picture with the order, separate it from the background and place it in the center of the bow.

Order must be slightly cleaned (remove the shadow and make the colors brighter)

Go to the menu Image – Correction – Light / Shadow (Image – Adjustment – Shadow / Highlight)

The slider, which is responsible for the number of shadows, is pulled to the right, we look at the image of what is happening.

If the shadow is gone, click OK.

Now let’s work on the color. Push Ctrl + U
In the window color / saturation (Hue / saturation) the middle slider is pulled slightly to the right, we look at the order.

And the final touch.

To make the order stand out a bit, let’s add a “shadow” style.
That’s what a beautiful order turned out.

Ribbon also add “Shadow”.

To make the paint on the tower brighter, duplicate the layer and change the blending mode of the upper copy to Soft light (Soft Light).

It remains to add the year 1945 and the year 2008.

Find an interesting font, write the year.

Go to the button in layer styles and add:

Color overlay (Color Overlay)
This color was taken straight from the ribbon.

Gloss (Satin)
Independently play with the parameters of the circuit, will achieve interesting results.

Here’s how it happened:

In order to feel the festivity, you can add a salute using a Photoshop brush, which you can download here.

As a result:

Happy Victory Day !!!

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