Wedding collage 2

In this Photoshop lesson we will do a wedding collage, which I foolishly highlighted in the past “wedding” lesson :) There immediately appeared a sea of ​​comments requiring the continuation of the banquet. I promised, I fulfill!

So, create a wedding collage “Runaway Newlyweds”:

Take a photo (it is desirable that the newlyweds were in motion):

Duplicate the photo layer. Go to the bottom layer, double click on it and click OK in the window that appears. Now the background layer is unlocked.
Next, take the tool .
Make sure you are standing on the bottom layer.

Select the area of ​​the photo that you need to create a collage, without capturing those parts of the body or clothes that will stand out for the frame.

Click Shift + Ctrl + I, to invert the selection. Then click Delete. The background around the photo will disappear.

Click again Shift + Ctrl + I, again to focus the selection on the newlyweds.

Go to the top layer.

Take the tool in mode add to selected area.

Do the following – include a foot or clothing area in the selection.

Now click again Shift + Ctrl + I and then Delete.
Deselect Ctrl + D

Now you have two layers – one flat rectangle, the other with legs.

Now you need to remove extra areas of the photo to leave clean legs and clothes.

It turns out like this:

Create a new layer below everyone else.
Take and form a frame around the photo:

Fill this layer with white, you get a white frame.

Merge the two lower layers into one.

On the bottom layer, click Ctrl + T, right click – select Warp/ Warp (this feature is available in CS 2 and above)

The grid will appear on the photo and the photo itself will become flexible and plastic, so you can bend it in different directions.

Try to draw something like this (remember that we work with the bottom layer):

Now go to the top layer, take the Eraser and start erasing the layer around the edges, that is, in those places where the top layer covers the white frame.

Create a new layer below everyone else.
Fill it with some color.

Then at the bottom of the layers palette, click on the button and add a texture overlay style. Choose the texture of your choice.

Add a Drop Shadow style to the middle layer to separate the photo from the background.

In addition, on the new layer, you can draw hints of shadow under the legs and clothing of the newlyweds with a gray tassel. After that, using the Blur filter, slightly shade this shadow.

You can add text.

The result is such a collage.

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