Wedding collage

One subscriber (Eugene) asked me to do this wedding collage.

Now let’s try Photoshop means to implement this idea.

Open a photo with two newly married spouses.

Duplicate this layer (Ctrl + J)

Find the Arbitrary shapes tool:

In the settings, find the shape of the heart.

Set the tool to fill with pixels , select white and draw a heart on the NEW layer.

Place the heart as you need. Use the free transform (Ctrl + T), decrease the Fill parameter so that you can see the faces.

Click Enter, to apply the transformation.

With the heart layer active, click the button. at the bottom of the layers palette, apply the following styles.

Attention!!! Settings may not be suitable for your image, adjust the effect yourself.



Under the Emboss style, find the Outline style:

This is what should happen (the fill parameter is reduced to ten%)

Now hold down the Ctrl key and click on the heart layer – a selection will appear. Then go to the duplicate layer with the newlyweds and press Ctrl + J to cut the heart out of the photo.

I propose to make the background behind the heart black and white.

Go back to the layer with the young. Click Ctrl + U (color / saturation window)

There, move the middle slider (it is responsible for saturation) to the left until the end.

You can add more effects to this black and white layer, for example, Filter – Blur – Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur) with settings:

This is the result:

Here is another example of a wedding collage, which I will tell you about next time.

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