Working with masks in JPG format

In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how to apply a ready-made layer mask in JPG format in the photo.

Here is a mask in front of you, with the help of it you can create a beautiful frame for a photo.

You can download it HERE.

In order to use this form as a frame for a photo, we need to create a selection based on it.

The easiest way to do this is with Channels (Channels)

Go to the Channels palette and duplicate any channel (there is no color information here, the image in all channels looks the same) by dragging it to the icon .

We need the image in the channel to be only black and white, without shades of gray. Therefore, on the duplicate channel use Levels (Ctrl + L) and move the black slider to the right.

Here’s how it happened:

Fine! Now switch to the layers palette and move the photo to which you want to apply the mask to this document.

Go back to the Channels, Ctrl + click on the duplicate blue channel.

Loading channel selection, our frame.

Go back to the layers, go to the layer with the photo and click Delete.

Deselect Ctrl + D.

Between the photo and the mask you can create a new layer and fill it with white or black.

Here is the result:

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