10 useful tips

In this article you will find 10 useful tips that will help you improve the speed of work in the program Photoshop. These tips do not open America, they are simple to commonplace, but nevertheless, their effectiveness is simply amazing! They were scattered across various sources, I tried to collect some of them in this article.
Consider the hidden and obscure features of some tools:

1. InstrumentMoving “(Move).
Surely you are faced with a situation where in the process of work a lot of layers are formed and you need to frequently move objects to them in order to create a certain composition. And it takes a few seconds to first find the desired layer with the object, then make it active, and then use the move tool. It used to just infuriate me, especially if there are more than a dozen layers and groups.
It turns out that if you tick the top, on the settings panel, in the parameter Auto Layer (Auto Select Layer),

it is enough just to click on the object, and the layer will be chosen by Photoshop itself. Then you can forget about the layer panel. You can temporarily turn off this function while holding Ctrl. If you also put a tick in the parameter Show controls (Show Transform Controls),

This will automatically turn on the free transform mode.

2. When working with selection tools, eg, Magic wand(Magic Wand), sometimes their icon interferes, especially if you need to click in a specific place. In such cases, it is worth switching to the cursor-crosshair by pressing. Caps Lock. A second press cancels this mode.

3Save time, using the last applied settings. For example, you applied the command to the image Levels (Levels), with specific settings. To apply a command with the same settings to another image, just click Alt when selecting the appropriate command from the menu. For “Levels” it will be a combination Alt +Ctrl +L, for “Curves Alt +Ctrl +M and so on.

four. In many command dialog boxes, holding the key Alt turns the “buttonCancel (Cancel) in the “Restore” (Reset).

This allows you to reset the settings without closing the window with the cancel button and not opening it again.

five.To hide the flickering path of the selected area, which often prevents correct evaluation of changes in the image, you need to click Ctrl +H. Pressing it again will turn on the flickering track.

6To quickly switch to the Move tool press and hold Ctrl. To return to the original mode, just release the key.

7. When working with the brush tool(Brush), to quickly change the brush and access the brush selection panel, just right-click in the image window, and the palette will appear directly under the cursor.

eight.If you need to quickly remove the active layer, enough when you press Alt Click on the trashcan icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

9. Change tools in a group without using the key Shift much faster! To do this, uncheck the box with the corresponding option in the settings. We go to Editing – Settings – General (Edit – Preference – General) and uncheck the checkbox Tool change key Shift .

Now the tools in the group will switch when you press one key.

ten.Quick on / off palettes. Often there is a need to use the largest area of ​​the screen under the image. To hide or show palettes, press Tab.
I hope these tips will help you more quickly, comfortably and effectively work in Photoshop.

I wish you all creative success!

Author: Evgeny Kartashov

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