Behind the wheel Photoshop

In this article, you will learn about an important tool in Photoshop – about the Navigation panel.
This is especially useful material for those who are engaged in retouching and photo processing, as in your case you need to quickly navigate the working image space.

So, let’s look at the roles again:
Photoshop is your plane
You are a pilot
Your wheel is the navigation bar.

To control the image in Photoshop, we use the navigation bar. If the navigation bar is not visible, then it must be activated in the menu Windows – choose Navigator.

Let’s take a closer look at the navigation bar:

In the area marked with the letter A we see the scale editor. The image currently has a scale 81.97% from the present size. Here you can enter values ​​from 0.11% before 1600%.

We can also use the slider (marked with the letter E):
dragging to the right – increase, to the left – reduce

Clicking on the icon (marked with the letter B) we can gradually reduce in small steps. And this icon (marked with the letter C) increases. The red box marked with the letter D tells us how much of the image is visible in the document. This window will become smaller and smaller if we constantly enlarge the image.

We can move this box – just hover over the image in the navigation area until such an icon appears. . When this happens, you simply hold down the left mouse button and drag the window to the part of the image that you need to adjust at the moment.

Note: you can only drag a box if it is smaller than the image itself. Look at the screenshots:
on the top – we cannot move the red square, on the bottom we can without problems:

It is important to note that we can also increase the navigation bar itself. Just pull the lower right corner of the panel (marked in red in the screenshot):

This will allow you to see more details:

We hope you will find this material useful, and you will be guided by your closed eyes on your endless image.

Have a nice trip!

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