How to work with the pen?

Many people are concerned about the question of which side to approach the pen tool?

This Photoshop article will finally answer this burning question and tell you about the basic basics of working with the Pen tool group. The possibilities that you get to master this tool are simply endless.

This material will provide you with invaluable assistance in the implementation of various Photoshop lessons.

Tools group “Pen” and work with the contour: and

The Pen tool allows you to draw vector objects. The most important principle in vector art is the ability to change the shape of an object after its creation without changing the quality.

So, it all starts with Per .

We will consider the tools of the “Pen” on the example of an egg! And not easy, but gold! Now run to the fridge, because we will draw from nature :)

In the egg, as you know, the shape is unusual, it is very difficult to draw such smooth edges by hand.
Take and draw just such a figure:

This is certainly not an egg, but some kind of unhewn stone.

Before starting smoothing, we will get acquainted with two tools – it is:

– Contour Editing

– Outline selection

If you click the black arrow () along the contour, then black dots will appear at the corners of the object, and you can easily move the contour.

In fact, the fill also moves with the contour, only slightly behind.

Next, take the tool

If you click on the empty contour with this tool, white dots will appear.

If you click on the white dot or select it, as shown in the figure, it will turn black and it can be transformed. However, all other points do not move.

This way you can edit the outline.

Now we will start the most interesting, we will learn to bend straight lines.

Look again at our uncooked egg. Even the chicken will say that it doesn’t look like an egg. I just want to level the corners and make everything even.

Take then the instrument and put additional points in the middle of each straight line.

Now, in order for a straight line to be bent, you need to pull on the middle point, that is, on the additional point we have set.

You have noticed that two antennae depart from the black point – these are guides. If you take the tip of the antenna and pull it down for example, we will change the contour like this:

In addition, points can be deleted using the tool.

We lost half the egg.

– With this tool you can smooth corners. Click on the corner point and pull out the guides from it, then you will give the desired shape.

If you want to try to draw an egg by hand, then take a free-form Feather.

Draw the desired shape:

You hope better!

Then take the edit arrow and get something like this:

If you understand this material well and will train a lot in drawing not only eggs, but something more complicated, you will soon achieve incredible results in drawing.

The pen will become your favorite photoshop tool.

Look at what happens to fragile products like eggs when shameless mice run past.

Make sure to do this lesson for training. We draw a golden egg!

Good luck to you!

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