Notes and Audio Annotation Tools

Working in Photoshop, quite often there are situations when you want to write down an idea that has suddenly appeared. But is it worth reaching out for a pen with paper, if there are two tools in Photoshop that allow you to attach arbitrary notes to the image in audio or textual form.

Consider these two useful tools.
Text note is created as follows:
Step 1. select the tool on the toolbar Notes (Notes) or press the “N“.

Step 2. Click on the image, and at the place of the click, an icon with a yellow “sticker” and a window for entering text will appear.

Step 3. Enter the text of the note and click on the button to close the text window or click Pequal TObutton MYour icon is “sticker“And select in the dropdown menu Close note (Close note).

Step 4. To read the text of the note, double click on the “sticker” or click PKM on the sticker and select Open Note (Open note).

To move a note to another place convenient for you on a document or desktop, you need:
holding the LMB (the cursor turns into a hand), move the cursor, the note will move with it.

To create an audio note recording Two things are needed: a microphone and a sound card. If you have it in stock, then go ahead.

Step 1. Click on the tool icon Notes (notes). Holding it pressed will open the panel of additional tools. Choose a tool Audio Annotation (sound annotation).

Step 2. Click on the image and the dialog box will appear. Audio Annotation.

Step 3. Click on the button Start (start), in order to start recording, and at the end – on the Stop button.

Step 4. To play a sound recording, double-click on the icon on the image or click on the icon. PKM and select Play from the pop-up menu.

To delete a note, use Delete Note (Audio Annotation) (Delete note (sound annotation)) or Delete All Annotations (Delete all notes)

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