Photo Correction Tool

We offer you a very useful tool in Photoshop as a “Curve”.

In this article we will look at a few tricks and secrets, the knowledge of which will be useful to you when using this tool.

You should be familiar with such tools as “Contrast and Brightness” (brightness and contrast) and “Levels” (levels). Together with Curves, they perform essentially the same functions, but the latter makes it much better.

If you read this information carefully, the Curve tool will soon become your new friend.

The Curve tool has two main indicators:

1) Horizontal line
2) Vertical line

Moving the middle of the diagonal closer to the vertical line you brighten the image.

Moving the left end of the diagonal to the top, and the right – down, you invert the image, that is, the black color becomes white and vice versa.

On a regular curve, the lower left end of the diagonal is responsible for the dark areas of the image (this is the same as the black triangle in the Levels menu);

The upper right is responsible for the brightest areas of the image (the same as the white triangle in the Levels menu)

And the very middle works with medium hues (the same as the gray triangle in the Levels menu).

These are three important points.

In addition, the horizontal and vertical straight line has values ​​expressed in the number of colors. Total colors in Photoshop = 256

Moving the left end of the bottom to the right, you reduce the number of acceptable colors. The mid-gray shades on the horizontal line are now equal to the “shadows” on the vertical line.

The same principle is equivalent when you move the upper end of the diagonal. Light areas will be replaced with white.

Thus, the Curve tool opens up a wide field of possibilities for correcting images.

Right now open any image, click Ctrl + M and try changing the shape of the curve. And you will see that miracles happen to the image. So you never photographed or painted.

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