Selection of objects

According to many requests, I make a lesson on techniques for isolating complex objects from the background.

Look at this image:

The easiest way to select this image. Here is the usual Lasso, definitely not suitable.
You can pick it up Polygonal Lasso, but it will take you a lot of time, it is more suitable for selecting rectangular objects (table, cube, book).

1 way:

Magnetic Lasso in this case, it will do a good job, as the picture is with a high level of contrast, but still not perfect.

If you do not stop yourself and add additional points on the cusps and in the corners, then the tool will simply skip them. Result on dvoechku.

In the case of the Lasso tool, the main disadvantage is that you cannot break away from the contour until you close it.

2 way:

A good alternative would be a tool. Pen. When working with him, you can constantly break away: switch to other tools, work with other documents, go to tea, drink, etc.

Another advantage of it is that the resulting contour can be adjusted before turning it into a selection.

First, they identified roughly:

Then we put an additional point in the middle of the straight section:

We clamp Ctrl and turns into a white arrow that allows you to drag the point.

When you close the last point, a solid outline will appear. To get the selection, right-click and select the command Make selection (Form a selected area)

There you will be asked about feathering. If you want the edges of the selected object to soften slightly, then put 1 – 2 px.

Anyone interested in the Pen tool, I advise you to read this article.

3 way:

For this image, using super Magic wand.

The main thing to guess with the parameter “Tolerance”. I, for example, installed 45 and clicked once on the background. I almost all stood out.

Then I clamped Shift and clicked on the light green areas. Done!

Left to click Shift + Ctrl + I, to invert the selection.

4 way:

How else can you make a selection?
Using the quick mask!

Set the colors like this: , take a brush , click on
And we begin to paint the bird.
First, we work with a thick brush, then we paint over the feathers with a thin one.

If you climbed over the edges, switch to white color (press English X), and erase the blot.

It will turn out like this (although, to be honest, I did not try):

Click on , return to normal mode.
Shift + Ctrl + I, to invert the selection.


About the more sophisticated methods of selecting objects, you will learn some time next :)

See you at www.!

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