Tool “Crop”

If you used to choose a tool Croptool (Cropping), stretched it in their document and pressed Enter, this article may surprise you when you learn about other features that you can use when framing in Photoshop.
Here are the top five secrets of the tool. Croptool(Cropping).

1) rotate when framing
When applying framing to an image, you can rotate the selection. Place the mouse cursor on one of the selection angles; turn it as you see fit. Double-clicking inside the selection will apply rotation and cropping at the same time.

2) Perspective cropping
You can set the perspective during cropping by first selecting a portion of the image. Check the box in the tool settings opposite Perspective (Perspective). Now, when you pull the selection angles, they will move to any position you specify. When applying the area to the image, it is not only cut out, but also converted into a rectangular image. You can use this technique to correct the perspective of your image.

3) Cropping without cutting  
After selecting the cropping area, you do not have to cut it; instead, you can simply hide the cropped areas.

To do this, you must work with the image layer, not with the background layer, so double click on the background layer and convert it to a regular layer. Drag a rectangle on the image and in the tool settings select the option Hide (Hide). After a double click, the clipped area will hide, but it will exist.

Take the tool Movetool (Move) and move the image. This technique is useful when you want to cut an image of 4×6 and want to experiment with different variants of image composition without cut sections.

4) Creating and using framing settings

When using the tool Croptool (Cropping), You can select its various settings, just click the mouse on the drop-down menu in the settings window. Select a setting and apply it to the image to create a selection. You can change the vertical selection to horizontal (and vice versa). Drag a selection on the image and then rotate it 90 degrees while holding the Shift key. When you hold down the Shift key, your image will be rotated clearly by 15 degrees.

To create your own settings, set the values ​​for width and height, as well as the resolution in the tool settings, then click in the drop-down menu New Tool Preset (Set new tool parameters). Set a name for your settings and click Ok. They will appear at the very bottom of the options menu, where you can select and use them at any time in the future.

5) Cut with the same size

To cut an image with the same size, select Croptool (Cropping) and activate the image on which scale you rely. Press the button Front Image, to configure the parameters Croptool (Cropping) with the size of this image.

Select your image and drag a framing rectangle on the image. After double-clicking with the mouse, your image will be cut with the same size and resolution as the image that you took as an example – in some situations, your image may increase in size.

If a Croptool (Cropping) you did not apply as expected, press the Esc key to deactivate the tool and click the Clear button to reset some parameters if you suddenly forgot what you changed in the tool settings.

The next time you cut the image, remember that this tool has many more features than it seems at first glance.

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